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The Preparation and the Process of Passing the Written Test

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If you need to choose the correct answer among the several options, it always provokes additional excitement. Also, availability of responses that resemble one another can confuse even the student who is very well prepared. So, if we talk about the written test, it is better to consider some points of the preparation for it and the process itself. This will give us a chance to do everything correctly and get the maximum score.

How to Prepare for the Test?

Make a Plan of Preparation

Usually, most of the scholars (even those who are well trained) have their preparation process very chaotic, and 90% of the information is studied during the last night. In this case, evaluation is always worse than it could be, besides at the end of exams, pupils are on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Therefore, it is much better if you start preparing in advance. It is very important to make a detailed and concrete plan of preparation. This will protect you from unnecessary stress, and learning material will be studied much better.

Always Take Breaks During the Self-Study

After 1 hour of training, you should have 10-15 minutes of rest. This will allow you to feel great during the whole day and learn a lot of educational material. You have to understand that the rest is not completely useless waste of time. If you study 3-4 hours continuously, then you will lose your mental focus, and most of the learning material will remain unknown for you.

Analyze Learning Material, Try to Identify the Main Information

Generally, questions in written tests are related to the essential, basic paragraphs of the curriculum. Try to divide all learning material into sections, and think, what question of each section may be put to the test. This approach will help you to focus on the primary information and spend less time.

If Possible, Pass the Training Version

If you have an opportunity to pass the training test, be sure to use it. If you have already passed the training version with similar questions, then you clearly have to worry less on a real one. In addition, you can see your mistakes. Analyzing mistakes you can learn more information sections that you know the least. Remember that the less you have "white spots" in your knowledge, the better will be the score in the end.

How to Pass?

Read the Whole Test Paper

It will be very interesting for you to see that you know a lot of answers. This procedure resembles familiarity with the opponent before the fight. Now you already know a lot about your opponent and you can begin. Nothing will stop you!

Be Confident in Your Abilities

The more you believe in your abilities, the better your mind and memory will work. Never convince yourself that you cannot pass this exam. It will spoil your mood and worsen your results. For this reason, do not communicate a lot with other students before the beginning. Someone's excitement can be transmitted to you, and then it will be very difficult for you to keep the mental focus during the test.

After Passing, Do Not Ponder Over Mistakes

If you passed the test with several mistakes, do not mention it and do not look for right answers in textbooks. You have to pass the next exams, so do not stir up the past and calmly prepare for the next ones.

Your Intuition Will Not Fail You

Probably every university group has at least 2-3 students that know almost nothing about the subject of the test, but they always have excellent scores on exams. They just rely on their intuition, and always choose the right answer from the list. Then these guys have fun to laugh at those who studied for a long time but failed the exam. Each of us has intuition. And this is a very foolish act not to use it.

Test Is Adventure!

Try to imagine that a test is not a duty or a terrible suffering. Think that it's an exciting adventure. For example, imagine that you conquer Everest and overcome question by question like meter by meter. And if you reach the top, you will have the reward – an increased scholarship. Try to live creatively. And your life will be interesting. And scores for the tests will be much higher.

Use Tips of the Senior Students

Senior students had quite well studied the behavior of your professor. They have already passed tests on his exams. And that is why they can give you some interesting advice. It will be a wise act to listen to the advice of those who have studied under this professor last year.

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