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How to Describe Winter in Your Essay: 3 Original Ideas

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White Wolf in Forest

It’s time to post the pics with Eddard Stark and his “Brace yourself. Winter is coming.” According to the calendars in our iPhones, we’re standing at the threshold of a new season.

Where I am now the weather is getting frostier. Stores are getting fuller with Christmas decorations. And parents have started to encourage their children to write letters to Santa. At least my 10-year-old cousin told me that she’s already written one and hidden it in the attic room.

Yet, amongst this oncoming festive hustle and bustle there is a small trifle, which mostly bothers school and college students, as well as some teachers and professors. The beginning of winter heralds the end of the term. So, a few weeks before Christmas celebrations become your last but fair chance to upgrade your academic success.

As my own experience and some more professionally done research show, one of your home assignments is going to be an essay about winter? If you’re reading it, I’m likely to be right. So, this post is devoted to the great ideas of how you can make such essay really outstanding.

Choose the theme you like the most, dive deeper into it, and get ready to follow your imagination and inspiration. Your creative approach will get you an A this time!

Let Your Winter Be a Person

But let’s agree that it won’t be anything commonplace, like a fairy dressed in white or just Santa Claus. We should come up with a more original character to impress your teacher.

How about describing winter as just a passerby on the street or a fellow traveler in a commuter train?

Winter is a tall man in his thirties, but with grey hair and grey, neatly cut beard. His eyes are almost white. And the feeling you have when he looks at you instantly reminds you of a cold but sunny December day – his glance makes you quite comfortable, like when you’re looking at the December Sun through the glasses. But at the same time, you feel cold and want to hide your nose into a chunky scarf.

The Winter man is wearing grey woolen coat with a picture of Santa and deer on one of the pockets, dark blue jeans, and white boots. There is a warm scarf around his neck. He hides his hands in white gloves with an intricate dark blue folk pattern.

You probably see him buying some hot espresso on the street and then moving towards the central city square, where the workmen are placing a Christmas tree.

Or Use the Image of an Animal or Bird

What about a white owl? Yes, the one like Harry’s Hedwig! But a little bit bigger. On its strong wide wings the bird will bring us winds and snows.

One night the winter owl will fly over the glowing lights of huge cities, over the sleepy streets of small towns, over the fields and rivers. Starlight will show it the way. Huge dark clouds will follow the bird. Where it will flap it wings, a cloud will crumble into myriads of snowflakes. And in the morning the local people will see the streets, roofs, cars and benches covered in white.

And when the day comes, the owl will hide in the leafless frozen woods. It will sleep quietly in a hollow of a centuries-old oak till the night comes again. And again will the bird continue its flight into the dark, over cities and mountains, heading towards spring.

Write About Your Winter Emotions


Describe how you feel when you wake up and realize that the winter has come, that there are only three weeks to Christmas and that you probably need to buy a new sweater. If for you December 1st isn’t just another day in the calendar, bet you’ll find the right words.

And while you’re looking for them, let me throw out to you a few lines.

Today morning, when I was walking to the office, I noticed that puddles were covered in this silverish ice, and there was hoarfrost on the grass, glimmering in the sunlight. I breathed deeply, and it seemed to me that my heart was also being slowly covered with ice.

That cold inside me didn’t bother me at all. My feeling was probably similar to the one you might have when placing a cool wet piece of cloth to a scald on your arm. That was the feeling of relief and calmness.

Indeed, that’s what I sense every year when winter comes. My hot, choleric blood seems to get cooler. My quick temper slows down. Actually, one of my friends noticed that and inspired me to write about that.

The only think that keeps me exciting in December is my anticipation of the approaching holiday. After Christmas, in January and February, I am mostly like a sleepy bear that can still frighten folks, but has absolutely no wish to do any harm to them. In any case, that’s how my family would describe me.

That is all for today. Please don’t hesitate to use these ideas in your essay. If you need any help with writing it, you’re always welcome to contact our service team.

Wish you happy and warm winter despite any weathers!

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