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Creative Essay: Features of the Inimitable Style of Quentin Tarantino

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Tarantino Star Walk of Fame

Quentin Tarantino is one of the most famous directors in the world. Without any special education, the director received numerous awards for his debut work " Reservoir Dogs," and for his third film the director received an Oscar. Each of his films is recognized by his unique director's style, atmosphere, and energy. Let' us try to understand, what are the distinctive features of the director's style of Quentin?


As you may know, Quentin did not get any special education. He just worked as a clerk in the video salon and absorbed all the movies that fell into his hands. Thus, having under his belt the background of both the best classic film masterpieces and mass, sometimes trash films, the director began to gradually develop his own style, in which he put forward the arthouse in the mainstream.

Non-Linear Narration

"Kill Bill" and "Inglorious Basterds" are divided into chapters like books. Let us also look at the famous "Pulp Fiction," in which all stories are connected in their own way, and "Reservoir Dogs" containing numerous references to the past.


''I have no problem with screen violence at all, ''he said, ''but I have a big problem with real-life violence''.jpg

In creator’s films, there are a lot of murders and blood, but most murders take place off-screen, and we see only their consequences. Violence in the director’s films is not terrible to the viewer, as it is a fantasy, beautifully designed and famously played, but not a hair-curling "real" story.

For example, in his films there are often scenes of parents murder in presence of young children. In "Reservoir Dogs," the policeman asks: "Do not kill me, I have a small child!", And after that, he is cold-bloodedly shot. In "Kill Bill," Beatrix kills Vernita Green in front of her little daughter Nikki; O-Ren Ishii's parents were also killed before her eyes when she was a child. In "Inglorious Basterds," Bridget von Hammersmark kills the newly-minted father of the baby Max.

"Your feelings – my orchestra!" – Tarantino says. “And you know what? The viewer does not oppose!”

Hot Topics

The theme of racism, incredibly delicate and dangerous to any public figure in the US, is brilliantly comprehended in the director’s films. In the film "Django Unchained," the word "nigga" competes with the traditional "f***".

At the same time, the director himself declares that he does not feel any "white guilt" and he is not afraid to get into racial disputes. He is sure to be above all this. “Unusual man from Hollywood” adds that adequate people will always understand him. And people who are full of hatred and want to catch everyone out will always get tough with him.

Quentin Tarantino ''In other words, if you have problems with my films, then you are a racist. Literally''

Another shocking feature of "Tarantino-movies" is plentiful examples of obscene language. Journalists have calculated that in the "Pulp Fiction" the word "f ***" is pronounced 271 times, in "Reservoir Dogs" – 252 times.

Alcohol and Drugs

In his filmography, the director paid enough attention to various types of psychotropic drugs and alcohol, as well as the consequences of their taking. For example, looking at the episodes of "Pulp Fiction" with drugs, you do not want to consume drugs. The same with alcohol. Although they impart his films a certain atmosphere.

Beautiful Black Humor

Tarantino, who is often the author of the script, forms up the plot of his films in such a way that violence seems justified and even comical, since it is applied to negative characters in most cases.

The Genre Movie

Quentin Tarantino ''I'm terribly fond of genre movies, from spaghetti westerns to samurai movies''

It is what it is. He loves to address the least popular and often forgotten genres. For example, "Death Proof " is a typical thriller of the 70's, "Kill Bill" is a samurai film, and "Django" is a spaghetti western. Tarantino likes to back the classics into fashion.

Verbose Dialogues as Though About Nothing

The dialogues from the films of Tarantino have already become famous quotes. Dialogues occur, as a rule, in the closed rooms: cafes or restaurants, and their participants are shown close-up. Also, he likes to shoot only one of the participants, while the voice of the other can just be heard behind the scenes by the viewer. The most diverse topics can be chosen for a dialogue. No matter what the heroes are talking about, the main thing is that it is fascinating.

“Mexican Standoff”

This expression refers to a situation where several people simultaneously hold each other at gunpoint. In life, it is rare, but in the films of the discussed director – quite often. And this is connected with another personal "trick" of the director: the increase in tension to the highest point and the unexpected ending of the scene.

"Mexican standoff" is in almost all the films of Tarantino, except for "Death Proof."

And if you take the term "Mexican standoff" as a figurative designation of the highest point of tension, then it, of course, is present everywhere in his movies and more than once for the film.

Pseudonyms and Nicknames

The discussed director often gives his characters a variety of pseudonyms and nicknames. So, in "Reservoir Dogs," we are introduced to the Messrs. White, Pink, Blue, Orange, Brown, and Blond. In "From Dusk Till Dawn," there is "Razor" Charlie, and in "Kill Bill" the variety of nicknames boggles the mind.

Fictional Brands

Quentin hates product placement in cinema, so in his films, you can often find fictional brands which Quentin made up by himself. For instance, in most of his films, there are cigarettes called "Red Apple." Also in some of his films the network of restaurants "Big Kahuna Burger" and "Teriyaki Donut" appear.

The early works of Quentin made him a hero of the XX-XXI centuries. Interesting plots, non-linear narrative, the skillful creation of tense moments, beautiful historical interpretations, and other features of the director's style contributed to the creation of a large fan club of Tarantino. Teetering on the brink of comedy and violence, he never betrayed his signature style.

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