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Part-Time Jobs Merit Your Attention

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Money makes the world go around, and that is true. Nowadays, it is very important to have an experience of earning money. That is true when you can afford yourself anything you like is the best feeling in the world. Moreover, you will be sure that you won`t run out of money. During the studying year, it is very difficult to find some time and get a proper job. That is why summer is a perfect opportunity to try yourself in earning your own money that you can spend the way you like. Don`t forget that the part-time job will also help you understand whether it is yours or not.

However, many young people deny working as they don`t have experience. Don`t be afraid, it is not a problem. Every successful personality starts from something, and it is okay. Surely, working is not easy if you got used to relaxing and enjoying life. Anyway, remember that money give you many benefits.

You can buy something, travel somewhere or even help your parents. Here you will discover a list of jobs, which are created to start one`s career. Some of them require some experience and practice, some not. So if you are looking for a part-time job, this article will help you to make a right choice.


This is one of the most popular part-time jobs ever among people of different ages. It does not require any special skills, and usually, you can get such a job without any problems. In general, you`d better be an easy-going, communicative and positive person, as you will meet many people. That`s also why you need to have some patience and respect. A good memory will be a great plus! Nevertheless, you also need to understand that people may be rude, impolite and arrogant. Some people treat waiters/waitresses as the maids. If you ready to cope with it, this job is waiting for you.


Private Teacher

Here you will need some knowledge. This job is perfect for students and for those who can do something perfectly. You may know a foreign language, mathematics or literature. Maybe, you can play guitar or know how to knit. However, it is not enough. You also need some teaching skills and some system of explaining the material. Then you just give an announcement and find your «students». Such a job won`t take much time and the salary is usually good, but it is also a great responsibility so think twice before you start.


Such a job is also very popular, especially in the United States and European countries. Firstly, you should love kids. It will be perfect if you have younger brothers or sisters and have some experience. You should be active, energetic and kid yourself a little bit. It is also good if you know many games and can easily engage and entertain a kid. Bad habits are a minus, as no one want his or her kids to follow the bad example.


Dog Walker

An ideal decision for those, who love animals. You don`t need many skills to receive such a job. You need to be strong enough, attentive, a bit sportive and active. Just show that you love dogs and can easily find a common language with them. Surely, you won`t earn much money, but the same way you won`t spend much time.


In fact, there are different types of guides, but this job is not so easy as it seems. The most difficult one is a city guide. You need to have a perfect memory and learn much historical and general information. Then, you have to know the city perfectly. Surely, your speech must be clear and understandable. Then it`s important to realize that you will walk and MUCH. Moreover, always ready to answer any questions. As for a museum or gallery guide, it is almost the same. To become a guide you have to pass a little exam, but it is worth it.

Counselor at the Camp

It is almost the same with the babysitter. The good news is that the camps are often situated near the sea, mountains or somewhere in the woods. Anyway, almost all the time you will spend with the kids. Different games, activities, songs are waiting for you in case you are active, easy-going and responsible enough.

Shop Assistant/ Seller

This job is also good if you don`t have any experience. The best way to reach a success is to sell something you really like. That could be books, cosmetics, ice-cream, cinema tickets or clothes. Usually, when the person likes something, he or she knows much about the products. You should be ready to give some advice, to describe the product or even to persuade someone to buy something. Nice appearance and eloquent speech are the great pluses.

Shop Assistant


If you are good in writing, you will absolutely like this job. Well, this also requires some knowledge of grammar, rich lexicon and a bit of intelligence. You should be ready to write about different things and phenomena. This post is nice for those who prefer staying at home to going somewhere. It doesn`t take much time but gives a nice practice of writing for future journalists. Therefore, in case you want a «sitting» job, you should try yourself in copywriting.


One more part-time job for those who perfectly know the foreign languages. Here you will also need some special skills, like an ability to translate from one language to another. You can interpret written texts or someone`s speech. By the way, such a job is highly paid for but still, it is not the easiest one. Usually, to work as an interpreter you need some experience, but you can start with something easy, like advertisement or announcements.

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