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To Become a Lady: Possible or Not

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Every girl dreams of meeting a charming prince one day, but not every young woman wishes to become a princess herself. We often want to reach success and marry a wonderful person, but don`t want to work hard and develop our body and mind. This article will present you some information on what you should do if you want to become a lady.

Before you start, you should know it is not easy. You have to do your best on this long and difficult way. To begin with, find some inspiration that will help you to start.

Be Intelligent

For many girls, it will be a huge surprise. Being a lady starts from being an intelligent person. Well, you shouldn`t be a genius or omniscient, but erudite enough to take part in any conversation. That`s why you should mind your education and self-development. First of all, read as much as possible. Not only kidult literature and romance novels but books on science, economy, politics, fashion, etc.

Do your best to receive a good education. Then find your interest in everything that happens around you. Go to the theatre and cinema, visit art galleries, museums, exhibitions. There you will always find something new and exciting; you will meet interesting and successful people. Listen to music!

It can be everything you like but don`t forget about the classical compositions. Always mind your speech, no matter where are you staying. Avoid foul language, it is not «cool» anymore and shows your poor vocabulary.

Always Look Perfect

Appearance also plays an important role if you want to be called a lady. Honestly speaking, it is a real art, which includes your clothing, makeup, hairstyle, manicure etc. You should always look neat and clean. As for clothing, you have to wear something that will fit your shape and will be of a nice quality.

It doesn`t mean that your clothes have to be expensive, just choose something you can combine. Don`t put too much makeup on your face as it looks terrifying. Remember that cosmetics should only accentuate your natural beauty. Your hair should look clean and well-groomed, the same with your manicure and hands in general.

Mind Your Health

Remember that a lady leads a healthy lifestyle. Sleep enough to look fresh. Mind your nutrition; it should be balanced enough to keep your fit and include all the necessary components to help the metabolism work better. Drink enough water (at least two liters per day); it will make your body and skin fresh and clean.

Do some physical exercises at the gym or home if you want to stay young and good-looking as long as possible. You can practice yoga, jogging or Pilates. If you find it boring – you can dance or go to the boxing club.

Try something that will bring you pleasure and good mood. If you have bad habits – give up immediately. The true lady will always be an example for other girls and especially kids.

Learn the Etiquette

This tip can seem a bit old-fashioned. Nevertheless, you should know how to behave in different places to make a good impression. That is something you should always keep in mind. It is a sad fact, but good manners now survive a strong extinction. You will see how surprised people will be noticing your behavior.

Cook and Clean!


A real lady must also know how to be a good wife and perfect mother. That means you should know how to save money, clean the house and cook. For some of us, it`s a real disaster, but you can master this art easily.

You can ask your mother or granny to teach you something or look for some information on the Internet. Don`t be afraid of making mistakes. You can start cooking for yourself or your family something simple and then try more difficult recipes. Don`t forget to keep clean your home or room, as it says much about your personality.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do

True ladies don`t sit at home and do nothing, they always have what to do. If you have a job, try to be the best and do it perfectly. If you study, try to get the maximum of experience from that.

Find yourself a hobby or even a couple of them. There is a great number of things you can discover and enjoy. Never stop developing and never give up. Don`t complain and help other people. If you are depressed, try charity. That will bring you relief and show you that you can do much more to improve this world.

Start doing something useful like sewing, drawing or gardening. Do something with your hands, you will see how pleasant it is. Be a personality other people want to admire.

In any difficult situation keep your mind clean and balanced, always think about the consequences.

Enjoy Yourself!

As you can see, being a lady is not easy at all. Although every famous politician, artist or scientist has such a strong and smart wife. Nevertheless, the key to being an intelligent and successful woman is to enjoy yourself and your life. Being a lady also means a good mood, strong nerves, and clear mind.

You should always have some time to do something you really like and something that makes you happy. Don`t exhaust yourself! Remember that you can`t do everything. Don`t be afraid to show your personality and character; even you think it is strange. Always be yourself and stay sincere in any situation.

P.S. Use these rules if you want to improve yourself. You shouldn`t do that because you want to marry a rich guy or to show everyone how cool you are. You are not a product, you are a personality. If you decided to follow these recommendations, do that for yourself.

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