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Adaptation of Introvert in a New Academic Group

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When a young person enters the university, a lot of new and unfamiliar people usually appear. An introvert is a person who has rich and well-developed inner world. But introvert has many difficulties during communication with unfamiliar people. Many conversations with classmates irritate introvert. The purpose of this article is to help the student-introvert to adapt to new and challenging circumstances.

Find a Few Friends in Order to Build Deeper Relationships

It is always difficult for introvert to communicate with a large number of strangers. But the academic life involves constant communication and continuous exchange of experience. At first, it may seem that introvert has no chance to get a full academic education. In fact, the situation is different. An introvert likes to build strong and deep relationships with a small number of people. That is why such person has to find a few friends in a new team. This will help this person to improve relations within the academic group.

Try to Realize Yourself in Inventive Activity and Art

Introvert is an inherently creative person. Such a person can realize themselves as an inventor, artist, musician or philosopher. That is why participation in the student design bureau can be an excellent decision for an introvert. Playing a musical instrument is also a great way to self-fulfillment. The better you feel yourself at work, the higher is your self-esteem. High self-esteem will allow you to feel confident in the team.

Moral Training

You know better than anyone else about your reaction to various external factors. Some things bring you pleasure and some things and factors irritate you. If you are an introvert, you hate big crowds and loud parties. Usually, you avoid the events of such type. But let's assume that you have to go to your best friend's birthday party. Your friend would be gravely offended if you do not come. So, you have to come to this party. In this case, try to overcome your fear. Try to prepare yourself mentally before this event. Imagine people that will be present there. Imagine their words and actions. Then try to think loyally about the people, their words and actions. This will greatly facilitate your perception of reality.

Feel Yourself Free to Leave the Party If You Are Tired

Try to determine the amount of time that you can be present at the party. It could be 20, 30 or 40 minutes. It will be much easier for you to stay at the party during the defined period of time. After the designated time, you can safely go home. In this case, you do not have to worry that someone may be offended at you. People should learn to value you as you are.

You Have to Organize Your Workplace in the Best Way

Organization of the workplace is very important for an introvert. The better your workplace is organized, the more productive is your working process. If your workplace is organized exactly as you want, your training before the academic exam will be easy and of a high quality. A well-organized workplace is a workplace where you can easily and quickly find what you need.

You Have to Use Your Strengths

Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Positive personality traits of the introvert include the ability to analyze, and discipline. Try to draw conclusions about each life situation and avoid possible errors. It will be a wise decision to make a plan of the day. You will have an opportunity to monitor the performance of your current tasks.

A Walk in the Park Is a Wonderful Rest

If you are an introvert, the constant communication with teachers and classmates during the academic lectures is tiring for you. Try to take a break. Have a walk in the park. There you can enjoy nature and recuperate. And only then you can come back to academic life. With new strength you will learn more information.

Do Not Reproach Yourself for Mistakes or Damaged Relationships with People

Some people are very different from you. They cannot understand you. Do not blame yourself if any of your classmates thinks that you do not respect others because you do not have much desire to speak a lot. If a person does not want to understand you, it is their problem, but not yours. So, do not blame yourself and move on.

Always remember that you are a talented young person who can change the world. Use your strengths. Choose only the most loyal friends in order to make deep relations with them and be yourself!

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