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How to Make Money on Halloween: "Baker's Dozen" of Marketing Gimmicks

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Jack O Lantern

On October 31, on the eve of All Saints’ Day, besides the access to the other world, a lot of non-standard commercial opportunities also open.

How did modern creators manage to create such an unusual intercultural tandem as "Halloween advertising"? Meet hellish Halloween!

  • 1. Vegetable Antimonopoly Committee

    "Jack O Lantern" – "pumpkin head" with an artfully carved mug and a candle inside – one of the main holiday’s attributes. The belief says that on the eve of All Saints' Day, Jack must burn in every window, scaring off evil spirits. An ancient Irish legend tells us the story of a man who, after death, was taken neither to heaven nor to hell, which condemned him to eternal wandering on the earth. Smoldering coal in Jack's head was the only thing that illuminated his way; now it has become the main symbol of the Halloween feast.

    The closer the October 31, the more expensive the pumpkins in markets, the more often pumpkin pies appear in the dishes of the week, and in the more houses mothers unsuccessfully try to feed their stubborn sons and daughters with at least a spoonful of pumpkin-rice gruel.

    The popularity of a pumpkin in this period is just over the top! If there was a Nobel Prize for Vegetables, it would be given to a pumpkin every year, along with the ribbon Miss-Autumn, and the statuette Vegetable Oskar!

    Vegetables all over the world revolted against the pumpkin monopoly on Halloween! The companies presented their own alternative nominations for the post of the symbol of All Saints’ Day. Vegetable democracy is officially recognized: from carrots to potatoes – all are equal in their right to embody the Halloween spirit. The sponsors of the Halloween vegetable variety are the producer of frozen semi-finished products Iglo Frozen Soup, McDonald's, and Fishermen’s Friend.

  • 2. Trick or Treat

    All without exception children adore Halloween, and sweet-tooth children are ready to exchange their Birthday with New Year together for this one "sweetest" night of the year. There is a tradition: if on the eve of All Saints' Day you hear a knock at the door, and when you open it, you find a bunch of monsters demanding candies, all resistance is vain! You just need to give up and give them everything they want :) In the case of disobedience, you are in for a terrible revenge of otherworldly forces (most likely they will bombard your house with eggs).

    The tradition of "Trick or Treat" is a kind of social contract, under which every adult of the planet subscribed (and considering the general mood of the holiday, one can assume that he/she even signed it with blood). And of course, if you are already far beyond eight years old, every year you will have to half-heartedly part with your favorite sweets, observing the terms of the contract.

    Especially for those adults who dreamed of being "on the other side of the door", dressing up and asking for delights, the candy manufacturer Snickers created a holiday campaign with the slogan: "What you would like." In this advertising story, to the heroes have come not simple children but their mini-copies, traditionally requiring sweets.

    Treat or Trick
  • 3. Manly Halloween

    While children are filling their bellies with festive treats, and girls array themselves as "playboy rabbits" and "corpse brides" to masquerade parties, true men meet Halloween with a glass of real Irish beer Guinness (rightly, after all, the holiday is really from there) The slogan is “All treat, no trick” (here everything is really manly, down with childish tricks!).

    Another beer company has done another one successful advertising gimmick, having declared itself a sponsor of Halloween. Where there is a super-cup and all the summer and winter Olympiads combined :) Now no monster will be satisfied with a bottle of Heineken.

  • 4. Halloween TV

    A non-standard approach to the celebration of All Saints' Day is demonstrated by the media. One of the Spanish channels has launched a special television project for mothers-in-law who will compete for the title of the best witch.

    In the meantime, while "domestic evil spirits" of Spain demonstrate their magical skills on television screens, Channel 13 announced October 13 the official weekend of Death.

  • 5. Star Vampires

    One of the advertising agencies of Puerto Rico celebrated Halloween turning models on billboards into vampires. This effect was achieved in a genius simple way: creative advertisers stuck round patches on the necks of celebrities and mere mortals from billboards, allegedly disguising vampire bites in this way. So, thanks to resourceful producers, irresistible Penelope Cruz does not really reflect in the mirror now, and Salma Hayek had to exclude dishes with garlic from her diet.

  • 6. Psychodiagnostic Test

    On the eve of All Saints' Day, Hong Kong Advertising Company saw in the melted cheese evil forces! Whether this is due to the appalling palatability of this product, whether the nightmare creativity of advertisers, nevertheless, a series of prints for Pizza Hut was developed, in which everyone can see "their most delicious nightmare."

  • 7. "Life After Death" Is Not "Life After Death" Without Ice Cream!

    I am ready to argue that if not all then every second who returned from that world on All Saints' Day would first have eaten ice cream! The advertising of Ben & Jerry's truly motivates to appreciate every minute of his/her stay on Earth, because "there is no ice cream like this in the afterlife."

  • 8. Deadly Taste

    The festive advertisements of the Lords of the World of Burgers (McDonald's and Burger King) look appallingly appetizing. We all perfectly remember the banal jokes from the comedies watched a hundred of times, when the characters pass ketchup off as their own blood, pretending to be wounded. On October 31, "Burger with blood" cannot be called a stupid joke, rather a Halloween culinary delicacy.

    And of course the exciting stories of the "tomato murders" from Burger King! For your pleasure, they are ready for anything, even for a crime. The result is a stylish advertising comic with the elements of cruelty and ketchup "only from the freshest tomatoes."

  • 9. Fighting the Evil Forces

    If the traces of grass, morning coffee, vampire bite, or other stubborn stains has left on your new white shirt, do not despair, just give it to your mother – she exactly knows what to do with them. She just uses Ariel – it can cope with even the most incredible tasks!

    Traces of Vampire’s Bite
  • 10. Badnight Kids!

    Especially for the celebration of Halloween as invitations to the party, "unthematic" incredibly pretty pillows were developed by Universal Pictures. Their appearance simply shines with the warmth of the hearth: openwork with lace, and embroidered good-natured inscriptions ... but only at first glance! After reading them to the end, you understand that they are chilling with cold and fear ... That's it, welcome to your most cozy nightmare!

    The inscriptions on the pillows:

    Friends are good to have. Especially those who run slow.

    Mother is half of what you’ll scream when he’s chasing you.

  • 11. The Mouse Said, «BOO», Hickory, Dickory, Dock.

    An ominous invitation from the inhabitants of the San Francisco Zoo to the real "beast" Halloween party! With the coming of the night, lovely little animals fall asleep, and real animals awake. In this world, the harsh laws of nature prevail, the only goal is to survive. Are you ready to face your fears?

  • 12. Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hand

    In honor of the holiday, favorite candies all around the world M&M's changed their classic brand colors – Red and Yellow - to Bloody and Dark. Now the poor fellow, the hero of advertising, Yellow (naive and timid in nature) will be as good as dead! From his partner Red (sarcastic and malicious chocolate round), there will be no mercy, especially on a Halloween night!

    13. All Inclusive

    If on a cold autumn night on October 31 you have lost your way and rambling through the vast expanses in search of an overnight stay, fear and frosty wind are striking you into the marrow and trembling in your knees, we recommend you to pay attention to the special Halloween offers on the website Maybe, this advice will save your life – midnight horror and breakfast are included :)

    Hurry up to book a place in one of the truly frightening hotels in the world. Halloween advertising of the mentioned website will help realize your cherished dreams of murderous cool travels, proposing to spend this night in the comfortable, freezing the blood, hotels (possibly, haunted) of America.

    If your heart beating in the chest still has some love for the most awesome holiday in the year, we wish you a happy Halloween this year from the bottom of our hearts!

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