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Overcoming the Failure Fear

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The fear to fail causes one very unpleasant thing: it paralyzes you. One of reasons for doing nothing is exactly the fear of a failure. No action, no fail. Until a person does not throw this critically negative emotion out of a mind, he or she is not ready to make a quality dash forward in their life.

You need to focus on your first defense line, so-called psychological armor. To gain it, you need to change your viewpoint about the fear of a failure. Six ways are shown below.

1. Failure is Just a Stair Upwards

Failure Fear

There are no failures, only a feedback. You give too much meaning to your failures, don’t you? You think every failure to be the final result, the unwanted even. This is how you miss one important thought: failure is just a part of a very long process of learning and growing up.

You know people who become stronger and wiser after their fails for sure. How do they deal with that?

If you look closer, you could understand that they developed their unique way of thinking. Their failure is only a part of their success. They gained immunity to failure fears, because they are not afraid to learn new lessons after their own mistakes.

If you made a mistake, this is a signal which means that you did something wrong and that’s all. This means, you need to change your approach and not to continue using the same one from time to time. So, failure is not a separate event, it is a part of a success process.

Failure is not a finish line. It is only a stair on your way to the finish.

2. Failure is an Event, not a Person

They laughed upon lots of us in schools for our mistakes. That is why, if you want to grow as a person, you need to understand one simple thing: failure is an event.

If your idea hasn’t brought a result, your self-esteem should not decrease because of that. Never be too sure of your idea. Believe in it, but do not be overconfident. This is the only way how you can separate your idea from your personality. Name the idea as yours only when it became successful. Before that it is just a try, and nothing more.

You just experiment and watch what works and what does not. This is a beautiful approach towards ideas.

3. Failure is the Only Way

If you are being hit every time, then the goal is close or too big. You suffer defeats only when coming to an unknown territory. And if you come there, you get progress. You can’t become successful in the field everyone knows perfectly without you. You look for unknown ways and get hurt.

To say simpler, you will never know your real abilities and limits if you don’t make mistakes. No moving forward is possible without expanding the limits of things that are real for you. A failure is only the indicator of you making experiments and learning new things.

4. Failure is the Result of Innovation Seeks

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10 000 ways that won’t work”. This well-known phrase of Thomas Edison describes his way of thinking perfectly.

Innovation is different than creativity. Innovators do not only have a great idea, they have enough courage to implement it as well. There is a creative person in every innovator, but things do not always work vise versa.

What happens when the innovator tries to implement his or her bravest idea? Yes, they suffer a defeat as a rule, because the whole world does not accept their innovation. If they stop on this point, then they actually are defeated. 

But if conclusions were made, the innovator became one step closer to their dream. Remember, people will forget your losses when you reach success. That is why geniuses are known for their victories.

5. Failure is not That Bad

“Experience is simply the name everyone gives to their mistakes”. Oscar Wilde

Can you go even further and to enjoy you mistakes, failures and defeats? Don’t you think a fear of a failure to me much more hurting than the failure itself?

The more often you get defeats, the more you get used to them. First failures might be extremely serious to each successful person, but they didn’t stop. After a hundred failures, they stopped being afraid at all. Now compare them to someone who is so afraid of a failure they can’t even start doing something. 

Love your failures. You can make mistakes on purpose in order to teach yourself to act even if there is a serious danger to be defeated.

With every failure, you get new experience. Just avoid repeating same mistakes twice.

6. Everyone Fears

Feared Person

Everyone feels fear because of human psychology. Do not perceive fear as the final emotion, as a finish. The fear is normal. Just let it stimulate you, not paralyze. Ride your fear and make it work for you.

Successful people reach their success because they overcome their feat, and not because of being free of that feeling. Do you agree? Successful person reached the goal, unsuccessful did not. And somewhere in between there is the attitude towards fear. The first person uses fear, the second gets paralyzed because of it. 

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