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Prepare for Exams Being Just a Human

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They can stress you out and make you think that you know nothing. They come suddenly and leave no chance to run away. They take your sleep away with nightmares. They can be the worst thing during your university time. But you have a chance to avoid the bad sides of exams. It’s easy — you just need to be prepared.

If You Have a Lot of Time... Don’t Waste It

Start preparing early. The information is easier to memorize when you take it in small doses. You will spend few hours a week to study, so you will have free time to have fun. If you leave yourself two days to prepare, you’ll probably see nothing but books, a laptop and a dozen of coffee cups.

Planning Is Wonderful

Decide what days and hours you will spend on studying for exams. Make your own schedule and define how many questions/topics you should study each lesson. Sometimes you will spend more time on chosen topics, sometimes it can take less time. Study until you understand the main idea. To check it out — try to explain the topic to your friend. If it’s easy — well done!

Remember that explaining to other people helps to memorize better.

Reviewing Is Your Road to Success

Review information every time you study. And probably when you’re wandering out and have nothing to do. When you review, synapses (connections) in your brain become stronger. On the wild field with high grass, you will lay a high-speed highway. The more you repeat, the easier it will be to reach the information you need.

Define Your Weaknesses

Of course, there are topics you have no problems to speak about. And it might give you a feeling that everything is great — you know enough, so why panic? Yeah, it’s easy to do nothing, but try to find out your knowledge gaps. Include some extra exercises to your plan to make sure that your weaknesses will become your strengths. Also, you’ll become more confident — and teacher will believe you at once.

Strengths and Weaknesses

If It’s Hard to Remember...

...laugh at it. Creating some jokes or funny associations can be very helpful to memorize the material. Also, laughing will help you to reduce stress. If your sense of humor is not as great as you would like it to be, then use some information that you already know. It can be a song or a movie character — find something familiar that you can link your new knowledge to.

One more useful activity is collective studying. If you can discuss the material with friends, it will bring your knowledge from passive to an active state. And when our knowledge is used, it is more likely to stay in brain till the exam.

Imitate the Exam

Prepare some cards with questions and ask your friend to be your examiner. You will take questions randomly and you’ll have to answer quickly. In addition, ask your friend to give you extra questions. Such activity can be a little bit stressful, but on the exam, you will be more cool-headed.

Use Different Content

Reading books and writing some notes are usually the base of exam preparation. But there might be other types of information that will make your studying more interesting and exciting. You can find some pictures, infographics, videos, audiobooks, and even mobile applications that can be useful for some subjects. If it’s about natural sciences, you may conduct some experiments. You’ll have some fun and it will be easier to remember complex information.

Don’t Study Too Hard!

Don’t be surprised. If you plan everything and organize your studying well, you won’t have to behave like a nerd. Breaks are very important. You should have some breaks during your preparation. When you give yourself a rest, it becomes much easier to perceive new information. So you will spend less time on studying because you’ll understand everything more quickly.

The best thing you can do during a break is to have a walk on a fresh air. You will get more oxygen and feel more vigorous.

Sleep Enough

It is a part of rest in general, but you should pay a special attention to sleep. While sleeping, the information is being sorted in our brain. Also, it’s time to build new synapses. So the best thing you can do to remember something you’ve learned — is to sleep afterward.

And before the exam day... do nothing. If you studied regularly, now you don’t need to have a sleepless night. Let yourself have a rest and sleep well. After good rest, you will write your exams well.

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