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20 Simple Ways to Develop Your Intellect

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After 45 years, our memory begins to fail to function properly. But scientists say that IQ can be increased at any age. We offer 20 simple ways to develop your own intellect.

The amount of digital information in the world doubles every 18-20 months and grows faster and faster. To grasp, track, understand, perceive, and remember the updated data every second becomes more difficult. Some are inclined to blame for this information confusion the technologies that make life easier, as well as they make us lazy. Others believe that we simply do not know how to find the key to the safe in our memory, where all the necessary information is stored.

It used to be thought that our cognitive abilities (the ability to mentally perceive and process external information) begin to decrease from the age of 60. A recent study by the London College showed that the work of the human brain becomes difficult much earlier.

A group of scientists for 10 years studied the state of memory, vocabulary, and the ability to perceive new information using 7 thousand men and women aged from 45 to 70 years. The results of the research show that so far from the age of 45 our brain begins to weaken, and by the age of 60-70 the risk of dementia increases by almost 10%.

The so-called generation of digital immigrants, those born in the pre-digital era, has a hard time. This does not mean that the "digital aboriginals," those who played with the parent iPod instead of a car or dolls, got a phenomenal memory along with the digital reality. On the contrary, according to many scientists new technologies weaken the ability to memorize. And if the older generation is lost in an endless stream of information but still tries to catch and remember the necessary data, the young people cannot simply concentrate on one thing for a long time.

20 Ways to Become Smarter

Brain in a Gym

The development of intelligence does not necessarily has to be connected with cramming. Many techniques do not involve great human efforts.

  • 1) Walk more

    A 30-minute walk five times a week stimulates the production of the protein BDNF, the brain's neurotrophic factor, which feeds the creation of new neurons and synapses during the learning process.

  • 2) Quit smoking

    The memory of smokers works 15% worse than of those who have given up the habit and 21% weaker than of people who never smoked.

  • 3) Attend a dance class or aikido group

    Any physical activity that increases the heart rate and requires coordination of movements stimulates the brain.

  • 4) Play computer games

    Interactive games develop creative thinking, the ability to solve several tasks simultaneously, and reduce stress. Furthermore, the acquired during the game skills (for example, the ability to quickly park) can be useful in a real life as well as far as they are memorized at a subconscious level.

  • 5) Sleep more

    Go to bed as early as possible. During sleep, the brain continues to process memories, moving them from short-term to long-term memory. If possible, sleep at least 30 minutes in the afternoon. It helps the body to relax.

  • 6) Turn off your gadgets

    The habit of constantly checking news and mail prevents you from concentrating on more important things. Download the Freedom program to your smartphone, which blocks the gadget for a while and allows you to concentrate on the current tasks.

  • 7) Learn the technique of "memory marks"

    Learn to associate a concept or thing with a vivid image. The ability to create a chain of images that you place in a familiar environment (for example, mentally imagining the way to work) helps to memorize completely unrelated objects. Thus, you create a shell for images, and then only mentally move around the familiar route.

  • 8) Eat yogurt

    Yogurt is good not only for the stomach but also for the brain. An experiment on mice showed that those who ate yogurt were more active and better coped with emotions.

  • 9) Learn a foreign language

    This will force the front of the brain to work, which affects the decision-making process and is responsible for emotions.

  • 10) Eat black chocolate

    Flavonoids, which are contained in black chocolate, have a beneficial effect on the brain. Another source of flavonoids is red wine.

  • 11) Learn to knit

    In addition to the warm things with which you will provide yourself, you can also improve the motor skills that affect cognitive abilities.

  • 12) Install the SuperMemo program

    It will help you to place new information in a special folder and remind you to view it before you are ready to forget it.

  • 13) Watch the Shakespeare's play

    Studies have shown that the ability to read Shakespeare's texts develops the brain much better than reading modern texts. Perhaps, this is facilitated by the focus on dialogues in the plays, understanding the floridity of which is not so simple.

  • 14) Drink plenty of water

    Dehydration of the body drains it, the brain is no exception, its activity is decreasing at that moment.

  • 15) Learn to play a musical instrument

    Scientists have proved that musicians have the clarity of thinking even at the advanced age. Playing a musical instrument develops motor skills and hearing, the ability to concentrate and disconnect from the outside world. What, in a way, is like a meditation.

  • 16) Write more

    Scanning of a person's brain during writing indicates that at that moment, most of it is activated, than during the usual typing on the keyboard. At this point, kinesics also begins to work – you better remember what you wrote down.

  • 17) Use Time Management

    Learn to take a break after every 25 minutes of activity. Frequent short rest helps to activate mental activity.

  • 18) Learn how to play chess

    This game like no another develops the logic and ability to plan several scenarios for the development of the situation.

  • 19) Become an expert in some field

    This will help you not only believe in yourself, but also activates the brain area, which is responsible for the state of happiness.

  • 20) Spread reviews on the Internet

    Everyone can become a critic today. Reviewing helps determine whether you like something or not, which means it strengthens your emotions. The statement of your own opinion also helps to determine what exactly you think on this or that occasion.

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