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Careerists & Travelers: Who are you?

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Making a Choice

Years earlier fashion clothes and luxury automobiles were in trend, but now the tendency has changed to another direction. Now, unique experience and useful services are more precious than various “luxury” things, and a new trend to spend money on motivational training, healthy food, and travels attracts more attention.

Globalization and technical progress have equated the flights to traveling by train and discovering new countries has turned them into entertainment that everybody can afford. Students do not hesitate to take a gap year as well as businessmen and businesswomen give up a daily routine and move to Asia.

Moreover, freelance has become a popular practice: it doesn’t imply climbing a career ladder but gives an opportunity to reside in any corner of the world. On the other hand, careerists have another philosophy towards life. They start working while studying at the university, and they can boast of a solid resume just after graduation from university.

These people cause an indulgent smile among travelers, but at the same time, careerists prefer the joy of labor rather than the joy of geographical discoveries. And who are you among these opponents?

The Story of a Traveler


After graduation, I took a gap year – not because of I wanted it but because of incomprehension where to go and what to do. I found a job, attended some courses, but I didn’t think about traveling. I just “stuck” – I thought that going abroad is too expensive, complicated and created not for me.

The first my traveling happened when I was 25. 25, do you understand?! But now I am among those travelers who torture Facebook friends by posting photos from different corners of the planet, while they spend their time in stuffy office. My travel list consists of 15 countries, and I’m not going to stop.

I cannot say that I started traveling abruptly and suddenly. Firstly, I tried to do it gradually. The first my trip was to Netherlands where I found lots of friends from various countries. And this was a starting point. I realized a horrible passion towards traveling, and especially, towards preparing documents for a visa if necessary.

I know that someone is terrified of preparing documents, but for me, it was a challenge with which I had to cope. And now I cannot imagine my life without traveling. Primarily, I tried to combine my job with traveling. For instance, working as IT-specialist, I could do my duties while being abroad. But when I went to Sweden, my working day lasted till 6 pm. And unfortunately, I didn’t have an opportunity to explore the country to the full extent as everything was closed in the evening.

As a result, I came up with a thought that it would be better to separate things such as job and travels because each of them prevents from another. That is why I leave time for a work in my homeland where I save money for future trips and discovering.  2-3 months of working could provide an excellent trip to some island. It is a perfect way of life, isn’t it?...

The Story of a Careerist

Career Ladder

I started working when it was the third year of my studying, and I can say that it was the best experience in my life. Owing to that experience, I was able to find a high-paid job right after graduation, and my career started taking off.

My work began from the position of the analyst. Now I am the president of the international company in Austria and I dream about starting my own business. I cannot understand those people who are penniless and travel around the world without doubts or pangs of conscience.

We live in the world where we have to think about our future: we must be sure that we will provide for themselves and our family. A career, in this case, is a reasonable strategy of providing bright future.

I really have a busy schedule: conferences, meetings, training, etc. But do not think that I don’t have a rest at all! Of course, it is quite difficult to allocate time for vacation, but it isn’t an impossible thing. I adore spending my holidays at the sunny beach drinking my favorite cocktails.

And owing to my career, I can afford a luxury vacation where I don’t have to think about saving money or to find the cheapest hotel in the city. No worries at all. Only sun and the ocean. But these are rare moments in my life: in order to afford such vacation, I have to work around the clock. Nevertheless, it is a choice of my life. It will help to realize myself as an individuality, and my parents will be proud of my achievements. The achievement of the goal is the most pleasant thing, isn't’ it?

So, career or flight ticket? On the one hand, unexplored countries and new acquaintances help you to grow up and get unbelievable experience. On the other hand, such behavior can be explained as a fear to make a choice. To stop on one thing in the world of inexhaustible opportunities means to refuse from all of the rest. It sounds like to limit yourself. Without any guarantees to be sure that your choice will be successful.

The famous American financier and sales specialist Grant Cardone said that the youth had to pay for the fulfillment of their whims by labor and time. He thinks that “right” pleasures are earned through blood and sweat, but, unfortunately, most of us follow the trend of traveling just because of own laziness and fears.

Who does not play the game, cannot lose. But the question remains. Who risk more: those who try to achieve something despite awareness of fiasco or those who never fight? Will the careerists regret the lost youth spent without pleasures?

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