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Art Critique Essay: Write Correctly

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Viewing Art Piece

Essays with criticism are usually associated with the determination of the phenomena of different art and literary works. On the pre-writing stage, you have to define real purposes of writing: wherefore you write, which ideas, thoughts you want to bring to light with your brilliant essay, on which items would you like to pay the special attention of your readers. Articulate the main position to correctly express your thoughts in the article.

Previous Tips to Writing

We recommend writing a critical article seriatim: starting with the name, for example. Work on the text of your essay step by step. Therewith, you should attempt to describe your position clear, reasoned, and not dilute it with unnecessary words. Express your opinions clearly and briefly, as much as possible. Bear in mind that the most momentous thing is the objectivity of your critique. Be sure to follow your position, but also don't forget to consider other options.

What to Write?

Choosing a Topic

 All tips for critique essay writing can be compiled to the next instruction:

  • On the very beginning, you have to present the creator of the art piece; which is the theme of your essay; author's style; and, of course, an object of your essay (a painting, literary work, a monument, etc.). For instance, if such an object is a painting, at first you should introduce its artist and the work, and the next will be the description of the picture. When it is a literary work, at first give the biographical information and features of writer's style, leading ideas and, after all these items, give the analysis of the work;
  • Describe thoughts and feelings that are caused by the object of your critique, express your assumption regarding details of the object. For example, if the object is a literary work, pay reader's attention to speech techniques, which were used by the author, try to assume what the writer wanted to say with certain words and phrases. If you are talking about a picture, you should focus on colors, the mood of the picture. If it is a music composition, then determine the expression of musical techniques, genre;
  • Mark all unique work's features. Here you can describe the admiration, which is caused with immersing in the work of this artist, note artist’s special techniques.;
  • After you have acquainted the reader with the author and the work, and also after you have highlighted the key aspects of the essay's object, you can move on the main stage of review. On this stage, it is necessary to reveal the main idea of the creation of the author, wherefore was this work created and what the creator wanted to say with it. Carefully analyze the object of criticism, its reason as well as the basic idea of the work. Express your thoughts and feelings that are caused with the object of essay.

The Weighty Remark

Necessarily pay your attention: don't overload your text with difficult abstruse terms; write with simple and precise words which represent the essence of your thoughts. Make your text breath catching even for those, who do not like art and are not good at it.

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